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We give you everything you need to operate a full-scale and premier direct sales company within 30 days from your decision to start your successful new company.

17 years ago, Exigo was started by a team of experts that shared a single vision: to create an entirely new kind of sales software platform. The result is a flexible, scalable, open-source MLM software platform that has evolved into a complete turnkey solution requiring little or no technical expertise.

We view ourselves as a disruptive force in the industry, challenging the accepted “best practices” and finding ways to do it smarter, faster, and less costly than anyone else. The result is a better product at a better price for our customers, and a commitment to keep it that way. Request a free demo today!

Case Studies

An important part of an Exigo Partnership is establishing complete confidence in protecting the integrity of all of our clients’ data and business strategies. Therefore, subject to a signed NDA and our clients permission, all information about our clients is revealed only at their sole discretion.

The following insightful case studies about our business management system are limited in disclosure subject to the appropriate agreements being signed and executed by a prospective client.

Exigo Nano - Company Challenge #1


The first time I chose to become a distributor in an MLM company it was an important decision to me! I knew I had a gift and a passion to working with people and needed a vehicle that I could call home. Many times the companies I worked for failed long before I had a chance to succeed.

That finally led me to try to be in control of my own destiny and be responsible for the people I invited to share my journey.

When I chose to open my first network marketing company I now knew what I know and what I needed from others in order to build a long-term opportunity.

I needed an Exigo!

I needed a company that allowed me to completely focus 100% of my efforts on sales in the first 90 days. Their turn-key solution of website, PWP pages, e-commerce, admin and commissions gave me the jumpstart I needed to go from an idea to a viable company in about the same time it took me to send out my first commission check.

If any of the companies I had worked for had Exigo as their provider, I probably would never have opened my own company.

I am grateful for the blessings from unintended consequences! I am grateful for Exigo!

Exigo Express - Company Challenge #2


had been blessed to have been the Founder/CEO of a successful Direct Sales Company for the past 7 years.

My greatest challenge had continually been by back office mlm software providers. I am not ashamed to say I have been with the cheapest…then I went to the prettiest…then I went to the one that promised the most…and then I found Exigo.

I have a small IT staff…in fact I have an IT staff of one!..and she is brilliant. But she can only be as good as the software allows her to be. Today she can operate the Exigo platform on her own and at times utilizing the professional services division of Exigo when required, which allows her to prioritize her time and what is most important prioritize what is important to the Company.

Today we are a direct sales company that gets to focus on sales and have a partnership with Exigo that focuses on our success.

Exigo Enterprise - Company Challenge #3

Limited and Untimely Access to Web Code and Data


In the past, Web -design and e-commerce in direct sales was far more in the vain of set it and forget it. As our e-commerce transactions continued to grow as a focal point of distributor and customer transactions we continually found ourselves in a position of wanting to refresh, market and promote with a provider that can never respond in a timely manner to the changes we needed to build upon the momentum we created in the previous month.

We needed to see the monthly trend by the third week of the month in order to plan our promotions for the following month and have that up on our distributor websites on the first day of the following month!

Exigo not only allowed us real-time access to our distributor websites…they allowed us to own our own code and make unlimited changes with fees or billable hours because we were in charge.

In addition we had completed access to all of our data sets which allowed us to “sandbox” and test commission bonuses plans against previous months in order to see how effective it might have been in future promotions.

This unlimited access to web and data became the key focal point for us to manage our customer driven product promotions alongside our distributor bonuses in a seamless fashion of coordination and responsiveness.

If we can think it…we can now plan it, test it and most importantly implement it…without restriction.

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