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Depending on the size and requirements of your company, you can launch in as little as 30 days or less.

If you begin with Exigo on our Express or Enterprise editions, you will need time to customize your website, commission structure, and most likely be migrating data over that has an existing organization from another system. Depending on your requirements, this can take several months.

Whether you begin your Exigo Partnership on our Nano or Enterprise platform, you are using a system that has launched hundreds of companies over the past 17 years. We are the only platform in the industry that has start-ups and billion dollar companies all working from the same platform. At Exigo you can grow into your success without ever worrying about outgrowing the capabilities of Exigo.

The demands of e-commerce are constantly changing, and Exigo is responsible to help you lead those constant and dynamic changes. Today, Exigo has a client that has done more than 50 million dollars during one of its flash sales with the ability to handle more than 50k simultaneous users hitting our MLM software platform at exactly the same time.

Exigo currently processes orders in more than 100 countries and 40 currencies. Whether it be financial services or 3rd party shipping or warehouse services, there is a good chance that Exigo is already integrated with those partners that can give you a cost effective head start in that country.

Exigo is currently integrated with 54 prominent financial gateways throughout the world and there is a strong chance that your provider is among them which would allow you no further integration costs.

Exigo has a professional service division that can be retained to provide any ongoing or specialized services. In most cases, there is a blend of company in-house and Exigo staff working together to ensure your success.

Exigo is one of the only companies in the industry that has a mobile app with no monthly fee. You can customize the app to your look and feel and add the integrations or additional functions that make the app unique to your company.

Exigo is an open-source platform, which means that third party vendors integrate with us we don’t integrate with them. In fact, there are literally dozens of third party platforms that have integrated with Exigo that we are unaware of because of our open-source architecture.

Exigo has built a reputation as one of the few companies that can successfully transfer the data required in order to facilitate a smooth transition. There is virtually no system that we have not successfully been able to migrate to our platform.

There are many successful back office companies in our industry. We believe we stand out among them from our ability to work with companies depending upon their needs and solutions required at a disruptive and cost effective price. We are not a one-size-fits-all, but a very customizable solution that will change as your success changes.

For our Enterprise + customers who have a desire to completely host and maintain the software, in-house or in country, Exigo does have licensing options to meet those requirements.

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